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  • 06 Sep 2016

    Git Gallery

    I’ve been quiet for a while because I fell into the tooling trap. I wanted to make more digital art, but instead I built a tool to help with making digital art. I wasn’t satisfied with my workflow for creating and keeping track of the digital sketches I was creating, so I built Git Gallery. […]
  • 20 Feb 2016

    HCL Colour Space Viewer

    I’ve been writing up my thoughts on how to effectively use colour in data visualizations. As part of this process I created a little tool for viewing the HCL colour space and various slices through it. If none of this makes any sense, then just wait for my upcoming blog posts.

  • 28 Aug 2014

    Aural Borealis

    Aural Borealis is a light art installation I’ve been helping create. It takes the form of a tunnel approximately 80 feet long with strips of computer-controlled LED lights along it’s length. We developed a number of programs for controlling the lights, but usually set it to respond to the music coming from a nearby sound […]