Over 15 years experience as a data visualization consultant. Worked with commercial and government clients to design and build data visualization solutions. Experience in industries such as financial markets, news media, marketing analytics, information analysis and professional sports. Design strategy sessions to identify company direction and structure related to data visualization products and capabilities.



Explore product and visualization design at a strategic level.

  • Product vision & futures
  • Identify opportunities & priorities
  • Define criteria and metrics


Transform data into intuitive, creative and beautiful visual representations

  • Create clarity and insight from complexity
  • Charts, Sites, Apps, Analytical Tools
  • Software architecture, wireframes, interactions, prototypes
  • Careful attention to design details and user experience


Professional software development

  • Clean, clear and well architected code
  • Languages including HTML, Javascript, Java, & Python
  • Libraries such as D3, Three.js, Angular, Vue, Node/Express
  • Experience with agile methodologies


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